"Finally a menu I don't have to zoom-in to read any item."


"Finally a QR code menu I can manage myself"

Everything you need to create, manage and publish your digital menu

Never worry about the price, availability or cost of changing your own menu. Its time to take control.

Join over 1000+ restaurant owners, managers, and food establishments!


Coffee shop owner

Easy to manage, and affordable.

After d'Menu I'm planning on removing my website. My developer invoices me almost 4x on hosting only, and I have to pay him hourly for every change. I'm sticking to this app, easy to manage, and affordable.


Sommelier at restaurant

always up to date!

It’s so easy! The wine menu is always up to date!


Restaurant Owner

Finally I can do it myself!

Before using D’Menu app, I had to reach out to at least 3 different contractors in order to make one single change on my digital menu. Finally I can do it myself!


Food truck owner

our menu changes A LOT

A lot of our plates are seasonal and our menu changes A LOT! This app allows us to turn on and off different menus depending on their availability. It’s extremely easy to use!

How to publish a menu in minutes?


Setup your account

Create your account, customize your restaurant profile. Easy as making a lemonade!


Input your items

You create as many items as you like, and separate them by categories. From Soups to Desserts, you are in control!


Publish and Share

Your menu is created instantly, share your QR code or paste your link in any social network. Publish your menu in minutes!

Create your menu free
Send us your menu

Create your menu

In minutes with a simple to use drag & drop interface. No technical skills required!


Social Media Manager

Now I have more clients

Thanks to the ease of use of the app, I can create a menu every hour if the client provides the content. Most of them send me their uber eats account.

Personalize it

Customize your menu according to your restaurant, you can change font color, backgrounds and make it just like your branding.

Categories and Items

You can categorize your menus in order to improve the customer experience, this way the user is not overwhelmed by que items.

Menus for everything

Create different menus for every type of product. Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, Wine, Beers, Desserts or even plants. You choose!

Manage your items

Take control of all the items in your menu from any device.



No fish, no dish!

Our seafood changes every week, and having a static menu is really timely. No more of that thanks!

Switch On/Off

You can turn on and off any item in seconds, allowing you to restock or go back to season. No need to reprint the menu.

Drag & Drop Order

When it comes to order, is as simple as dragging to another positions. Easy as making lemonade!

Featured Items

Change the position or feature your item depending on the season or make one more visible than other, this will make your users try other things!

Share your work

No need to change the QR code every two weeks, this one updates automatically.



No more printing fees

My developer was always changing the QR code, and I had to print everything again. No more reprinting, making these ones in wood.

Unlimited Scans

We are not going to limit your business success, so don't worry about the amount of scans you get.

QR code for everything

You can have a QR code for all the menus of your restaurant, or one for each location, its up to you!

Publish in minutes

Your menu will update live, without any setup. So create your menu, make your changes and refresh your menu to see the changes.

Ready to get started?

Creating a digital menu has neven been so easy.

How do we optimize the menu experience?

Seemless A/B testings

We are data driven, so we are constantly making sure our menus are up to date with new tendencies.

Automatic Updates

Your menu will constantly update to the latest trends, making your menu better without you putting time into it.

Customer Focused

Being 100% customer focused allows us to create an incredible user experience for your customers.

keep learning with us!


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