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Can I change the URL? Or create a custom domain?

Currently we don’t have this feature, but we are working on it!

Do I need to pay for hosting?

No, the hosting is already included into our plans.

How to add dietary restrictions?

When creating an item, there are icons that represent each of the dietary restrictions we support. Just click on the icon, when is dark it means is active! We are going to add more and more with time!

Can I use d'menu as a website?

Yes you can, one of our features is placing links of interest into your profile. This will allow you to place your phone number, location and social media networks.

Can you upload the content for me?

We currently have a waiting list for custom menus, but you can submit this request on this page. Submit your menu

How do I print my QR code?

Currently we don't offer printing services, but we will in the future. Meanwhile, you can send us your QR code and we will be happy to send great places to print them out.

Will my menu update automatically with new designs?

Yes, we are constantly revising how customers interact with our menu to make user experience more intuitive.

Why do you have only one plan?

Currently we offer one plan. We are making an extensive market analysis to make sure we create plans adjusted to every need in the industry.

How many items can I put into a category?

You can place unlimited items inside any category. We recommend to place not more than 20 because it may be overwhelming to the user, but is up to the category. Wines for example, does not apply to this recommendation.