October 5, 2021

What is a QR Code Menu?

A QR menu is a digital menu that customers access on their smartphones to place their orders through the app rather than using paper menus and discuss

So, you have a lot on your plate, but now you're ready to dig in and find out all about this QR code menu deal. You're probably asking, what is it? Is it for you? How do you get started? We'll help you out.

A QR menu is a digital menu that customers access on their smartphones to place their orders through the app rather than using paper menus and discussing their order with a server.

How does a QR code menu work?

You hire someone or use an app (the fast and easy approach) to create your digital menu. It then becomes live for customers to access via a QR code. You print out your QR code menu notification and place it in your restaurant. The code can be placed on table tents, tabletop inserts, on sandwich boards, and on signs anywhere in your restaurant. The customer scans the QR code with their smartphone and they gain instant access to your menu. They place their order themselves through the app and your staff receives it and gets to work.

You can input the names of dishes, tantalizing descriptions, tempting photos, and dietary information just like you can with paper menus. The difference is that the digital format of QR menus allows you to add much more information and many unlimited photos because you aren't limited by space. You can also include specials where you would usually rely on separate menus, advertisements, and server suggestions.

Why do you need a QR code menu?

During the COVID pandemic, people appreciate being able to limit their contact with other people and frequently touched surfaces. A QR menu scanned on their phone limits both. There are no paper menus to touch and the whole process of placing the order with the server is eliminated. Using a QR menu also reduces the total amount of time customers need to spend in the restaurant, limiting COVID exposure and letting you serve more guests.

The benefits extend beyond the pandemic though. QR menus eliminate many things that detract both from the customer experience while eating at restaurants and from your profits.

Those who are nervous about placing orders with a server feel more comfortable at a restaurant. Customers also report being able to see digital menus better that paper menus. Both of these benefits mean customers will enjoy their experience more and have an increased desire to return in the future.

Everyone is more likely to order more food when they don't have to tell someone they want "additional" food, and digital menus provide unprecedented opportunities to upsell. Both of these points make customers happier and make you more money.

It's faster to place your order digitally rather than waiting for the server. reducing wait times and worry that they may not get served. There are also fewer mistakes, resulting in happier experience for everyone.

It's easier and more pleasant to inform customers that you're out of something or that you have specials and new dishes in a digital menu than having to explain it to them or make and give them a bunch of menus.

How do you get a QR code menu?

You can hire professionals to design a QR menu for you. This keeps you from having to create it yourself and provides maximum customization of designs and options, but it is also the more expensive option and doesn't give you control. When you want to change something about your menu, you have to wait for them to do it.

There are apps, like d'menu, that allow you to effortlessly create a QR code menu yourself. You have complete control over it, it goes live as soon as you're ready for it to be, and you can make changes instantly whenever you want or need to. A free option is available as well as a $20 per month option.



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