October 6, 2021

Tips to Make the Most of Your QR Menu

There is more to getting a QR menu than just having the menu. Make the most of your investment by following some smart tips.

QR menus provide benefits to the customer and restaurant owner. By providing instructions, adding photos, choosing the right QR menu builder, and using your QR menu's excellent sales opportunities, you can powerfully increase customer experience and boost your profits.

Give customers instructions on how to use the menu

QR menus are new, so everyone won't be able to just sit at the table or pass the QR code and immediately know what to do with it. Those who have been dining out frequently since restaurants started using QR menus and people who are savvy with their smartphones will take to it quickly or immediately, but other customers will need some guidance. If they have to ask the server or another customer, much of the benefit of the QR menu is lost.

When you print out the QR code, include brief QR code menu instructions.

Start by telling them this is how they will access their menu. You might simply say, "Scan for menu."

Succinctly answer questions customers may have about using the menu so they don't have to ask someone.

Include amazing photos

QR menus offer you endless space for as many photos as you want as large as the customer can see them on their phone. Use that to your advantage. Take multiple tempting photos of each dish. Also, make sure details are shown to full effect. Highlight the mushrooms, the crunchy topping, the onions, etc. in one of the photos. Don't overwhelm your customers with photos, but do utilize this opportunity to let them see the most exciting aspects of your dish.

Choose a QR menu you control yourself

Some restaurant owners hire someone to create their QR menus, but when you create it yourself, you can easily update it whenever you need to. If you want to add specials, remove an item, or add information about a dish, you can make the changes instantly.

Keep it simple and easy on the eyes

One thing customers love about QR menus is that they are easy to see and they make ordering simpler. Plan your menu structure, writing, and design, where applicable, to be simple so customers see your great food and consideration for their needs and wants without being distracted by ads, hard-to-see colors, or too much design.

Use your QR menu to sell

QR menus make it easier for customers to purchase the appetizers and desserts they always want to buy but feel a little uncomfortable doing so. These menus also offer excellent upselling opportunities as you can include all the options for customers to read and think about. It's too time-consuming and awkward to tell someone everything they could add to their order, but it's easy to include it in your QR menu.

Include thorough à la carte options for customers to choose from, because people love adding on sides to their meal. Add upselling options to your dishes, or if the QR menu doesn't allow that, use your unlimited space to include dishes with the additions you'd be upselling, like so-and-so with cheese or sour cream. You might add on new or hype up your existing appetizers and desserts.

Advertise the QR menu and advertise your restaurant with the QR code

Include your QR code on your restaurant's window, take-out containers, flyers, business cards, and even merchandise. This will let everyone know you're using QR menus for their safety and convenience, and it will give them an excellent opportunity to check out your menu and see what they like.



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