October 4, 2021

The Benefits of Digital Menus for Restaurants

Considering whether it's time to invest in a digital menu? Reading about these benefits of digital menus for restaurants can help you decide.

Digital menus increase your profits, improve customer experience, cut paper waste, aid COVID compliance, and boost your work culture.

COVID compliance and general health

Digital menus for restaurants that are accessed by a user scanning a QR code with their smartphone eliminate unnecessary handling of paper menus and reduce contact with the waitstaff. Also, if customers don't have to wait for the server to order their food, they spend less time in the restaurant. Less contact and less time in a public, indoor space make customers and staff safer and more secure.

Customer experience

There are many ways that digital menus can improve customer experience.

It is often easier for people to read the text in digital menus. When people struggle to see paper menus, they order quicker, maybe not even getting what they really want because they hurried, and they may not go out to eat as often.

You can include more information the customer wants or needs in a digital menu. Paper menus are limited in size, format, and the cost of accommodating multiple pages, but digital menus can include extensive information without these limitations.

People with social anxiety may feel more comfortable eating out with less social contact. They have fewer and less demanding dealings with the servers.

Nobody likes to hear, "we're out of that." It's a downer and can make ordering a little complicated. But digital menus allow you to show customers only what you have to reduce confusion and disappointment.

Because they don't have to wait for the server to come to the table so they can order, customers can get their food faster and they worry less that they'll be neglected.

Staff benefits

Your servers will not be as overloaded when the most time-consuming part of their job is taken care of.

There will also be less room for mistakes and misunderstandings. When a customer orders from a digital menu, they have all the information before them, make their choices completely by themselves, and there is little room for human error. This can make everyone in the restaurant less stressed because they have fewer remakes and confusions to deal with.

Reduce paper waste

You make one digital menu that everyone can use over and over again and can be updated endlessly. Relying on paper menus requires that you have enough of them for your customers and that you make new ones for specials, when you want a new look, or when you change your menu.

Increase your profits

This one was saved until the end because many of the above points contribute to this benefit.

More people will feel comfortable coming to your restaurant and your customers will be happier, inspiring more return visits, when you use digital menus.

A low-cost digital menu will save you money in the cost of maintaining up-to-date and high-quality paper menus.

Customers feel more comfortable and are more tempted to order more food when they use a digital menu with tantalizing photos and there is no one to directly tell that they want "more food."

It is easy to thoroughly upsell to customers in digital menus for restaurants, giving them options they love and making you more money. You can go from a server asking if the customer would like cheese on their hash browns to the customer being able to add anything you offer to their hash browns every time by selecting it on the screen.



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