September 17, 2021

Save thousands : Build, manage and publish your menu yourself.

Most restaurants now have an expense that they previously didn't think they needed, the QR menu that your restaurant needs to be COVID compliant

Most restaurants now have an expense that they previously didn't think they needed, the online QR menu that your restaurant needs to be COVID compliant. This cost can start at from $25 in hosting, domain and SSL certificates and reach thousands of dollars from hourly rates from designers, developers or agencies.

How to know you're spending too much?

A web developer costs between $60 and $80 an hour. A designer can cost upwards of even more than a web developer, with some companies charging as much as $200 per design hour!

d'menu is free to start, and the PRO plan costs 20$ per month. So, if your restaurant is paying five dollars on a monthly basis and you're willing to make those changes yourself you're already paying too much.

If we add the hourly rate of a designer to edit your PDF, and sum up to the developer to upload it into your domain or make it appear on a QR code is surely going to be more than the amount d'menu costs in a year for only a few changes.

How much is too much?

It depends on your establishment, if you need to make daily changes to your menu and update constantly it can become a monthly expense that can reach up two thousand dollars. I know some restaurants pay up to 100$ per upload to some developers and it could take up to 50 change upload per month.

Digital team vs doing it yourself

That really depends on the amount of work is going to require, and your time schedule. You could save money by asking your team to use d'menu as the platform to maintain your online digital menu, so it could become a tool available for the whole team and yourself.

If you have 5-minutes a day, and do not need to many changes. You can do it from your phone or the company tablet in minutes.

At the end is going to become a comfort decision, the real expense comes from the team you need to manage it if you don't want to do it yourself. The good news is that you don't need to spend thousands on web development or have a designer create beautiful menu for your restaurant in minutes.



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