December 13, 2021

How to Provide Scan for Menu Tips for Your Customers

You can make the transition to digital menus as easy as possible for all of your customers by providing them with Scan for Menu tips.

While most people today know how to scan a QR code, not everyone does and the ones who don’t may need some help learning what to do when they read, “Scan for menu.” 

Learning how to “Scan for Menu” 

Digital menus offer many benefits for restaurant owners and customers alike, reduced risk of COVID exposure, a smoother experience, more information on selections, reduced wait times, and more. But like all new things, there will be a necessary learning period. 

Customers who are cellphone savvy will take right to your QR codes like it’s second nature. They’ll see a code, whip out their phone, and be accessing your menu in an instant. Many older customers and any people who simply don’t use their cellphones that often will find them challenging. 

To reduce the challenge so customers can get to the eating as quickly as possible and be happier, you can provide some tips along with the QR code. That way they can answer questions they have without having to take excess time or have unnecessary contact with a restaurant employee to scan the code.

Keep the tips brief

You likely won’t feel like you have the room for lengthy tips on your menus or signs and your customers will feel daunted looking at them. It’s best to keep them short and sweet so they are easier to follow, more attractive, and more inviting.

Where to place the tips

Depending on the placement of your QR code, you can include your scan for menu tips on the sign, table tent, etc. right next to the code.This makes it so the customer gets everything they need right away in an easy-to-digest form. 

If necessary, you could make a separate card available on the table, next to the cash register, wherever customers will need it, to easily get tips if they won’t fit on the same sign or menu as the QR code.

When including a QR code on a functional printed menu or takeout menu or container where the code’s use is nice but not necessary, you don’t have to worry about adding tips. Something very brief might be a bonus, but it isn’t necessary.

What to say

Below the QR code, you can write something simple like:

  • Open your camera.
  • Select the rear facing camera.
  • Let the camera focus on the code.
  • Click the pop-up notification.
  • Enjoy!

Many cellphones have a built-in QR code scanner, so these tips are what you want to focus on first.

For those that aren’t helped by the above steps, you can take several approaches. You can write under that, if that doesn’t work, ______. In that space you could offer that they ask for help, turn the card over to find instructions you’ve included to help, or simply say they’ll need to download an app to scan the code with.

There are also some common issues that don’t involve the need for a new app. You might include those if you go the providing additional instructions route.

Common QR code issues include:

  • Tilting the phone
  • Holding the phone too close or too far away from the code
  • A smudge on the camera lens
  • The phone brightness being set too low

The digital menu itself should be so straightforward that no one will need an explanation for that step. It’s the QR code itself that requires a little learning for some. Once they get that down, they can jump right into looking at photos and information for your amazing offerings.

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December 13, 2021

How to Provide Scan for Menu Tips for Your Customers

You can make the transition to digital menus as easy as possible for all of your customers by providing them with Scan for Menu tips.

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