October 28, 2021

How Digital Menus Increase Sales?

Digital menus are not just the wave of the future and a way to improve safety in the face of COVID, they offer you powerful opportunities to increase

You can reduce costs and waste, increase upsells, improve customer experience for more word-of-mouth advertising and repeat visits, and enjoy unprecedented control over promotions with digital menus.

Paper waste showcasing the cost involved in paper menus

Reduce costs and waste

Digital menus reduce the costs of printing and replacing paper menus. All you need is signage for your QR code, which you will place in specific locations not handed out to each customer. You also don’t have to invest in promotional menus whenever you want to offer seasonal or limited time offerings. Just update your digital menu and start selling!

When customers place their order themselves in a digital format, there is less room for confusion than there is when they tell the server or cashier the order and the server or cashier has to input it correctly, reducing the potential for costly mistakes.

eat light sign to represent temptation

Increase upsells and temptation

You can fit more information and more photos in a digital menu than you can in a paper menu. 

This added information empowers customers to know they’re ordering food they’ll enjoy and to maybe branch out and order things they might have questions about otherwise. They might be thinking, that sounds interesting, but I should probably stick with my standby. But if they see a photo or two of the new dish, they will have a better idea of what they’re getting and feel more secure making the purchase.

Visuals are a big motivator. With paper menus, you have room to show photos of a few dishes, or tiny photos of each dish, but with digital menus, you can offer one or more large photos of each item. You can make sure to show tempting aspects of each dish that make it irresistible to the customer, again helping them branch out and try new exciting things or order appetizers, sides, and desserts that they may have talked themselves out of otherwise.

You can also use consistent and more thorough upselling. A server or cashier can’t reasonably offer everything you can upsell in a digital menu, but each one is available every time someone accesses your menu.

digital menu great customer experience

Improve customer experience

Digital menus reduce the time it takes for a customer to place their order and they prevent mistakes, eliminating two problems customers often have when dining out. Social anxiety, trouble seeing the menu, and other situations can detract from the fun of dining out. Digital menus reduce anxiety and are much easier to read than paper menus, making the experience more enjoyable and more likely to be repeated. Customers also feel more comfortable making decisions that will bring them happiness, like trying new foods, and shamelessly ordering appetizers and desserts. They will associate this joy with your restaurant as a whole.

coffee shop upselling more products because of digital menu

Powerful sales opportunities

It is possible to instantly offer customers a sale or promote a new product. You don’t have to wait for paper menus or signs. Just update your digital menu and start selling! The servers don’t have to remember to offer the sale or new item either. Every time a customer opens your digital menu, there’s the new, promoted item for them to be tempted by.

Because digital menus can be updated instantly, you can adjust the menu to match your inventory, making navigating disappointing shortages a much smoother experience for everyone. And you can test exciting new ideas and menu layouts in real time. What do your customers respond to? You can find out this afternoon! And continue doing what works or try the next thing today.

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