December 14, 2021

5 Reasons Digital Menus Are Great for Food Trucks

The same benefits that are making restaurants switch their paper menus to digital menus are particularly important for food trucks.

You can enjoy reduced costs, the ability to make instant changes, high marketability, and reduced serving times with a food truck menu board or QR code menu.

Mind-blowing viewing options

Traditionally, you’d place one or two menus on your food truck and customers would walk up and see them. It will usually be displayed on the serving side of your food truck. But with QR code menus, your customers can access your menu from anywhere around your food truck or not even near it. They could see the QR code on your truck, on a flyer, or on marketing material and be tempted by your offerings long before they reach your window or even get to your truck. This makes it so much more enjoyable and faster for customers to try your food. Lines go by much faster when people already know what they want.

More room

You can only include so much information on a physical menu. With digital menus, you have more space to offer more information, including the use of dietary tags for diets such as vegan and gluten-free. You can also add one or more photos for each food item in a digital menu, helping customers feel more secure in their food choice and tempting them more. That temptation may inspire them to try new things or buy additional things.


Customers will enjoy being able to view your menu in their car, in the shade, at another store, or even at home so they spend less time waiting in line in whatever weather and can find out what great things you’re serving before making the trip.

They can also see the words better on a digital menu. People often have to strain to see both written and printed menus or might have to ask someone to read the menu for them. Digital menus adapt to their cell phone screen and can be easily zoomed so customers can comfortably see everything for themselves.

Cheap and powerful advertising

QR code menus also serve as powerful advertising. People can be tantalized by photos of and information about  your food long before they see your truck. All they need is a little QR code on your packaging or on marketing materials.

So easy

You don’t need to design, purchase, or hand out paper menus when you use a free menu board or QR code menu. Everything’s digital, reducing both printing costs and paper waste. You can also design the menu yourself at no cost with d’menu. Extra features cost only $12 a month. There’s no cost for a designer and no wait. You can have your new menu today.

No need for a website

You can avoid the expense and effort of making a website when you use d’menu. Premium customers can make their digital menu function as a website by including their address, phone number, and social media links. Just $12 a month, and no hiring designers or paying for web hosting.

Infinite flexibility

Food trucks change a great deal. They offer different food during different seasons to serve people outdoors and they frequently change their location. Like restaurants, you also want to offer sales, try new ideas, and smoothly adapt to inventory shortages.

Digital menus allow you to add or remove dishes, draw attention to certain dishes, and temporarily turn off items if you are out of an ingredient. It requires that you simply open the platform on your phone or PC and make a quick change. Then it’s live.

As you move your truck, you can also instantly change the location listed on your website. 

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5 Reasons Digital Menus Are Great for Food Trucks

The same benefits that are making restaurants switch their paper menus to digital menus are particularly important for food trucks.

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